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Sustainability of the Supply Chain

The UN Global Compact defines Supply Chain sustainability as “the management of environmental, social, and economic impacts, and the encouragement of good governance practices throughout the lifecycles of goods and services”. 

This definition underscores the importance of sharing sustainability principles throughout companies’ relationships, as one of the most relevant elements to enable the spread of sustainable principles. 

We are committed to managing our supply chain in the most responsible way. If we really want our sustainable business model to work, and to be a model for real change, we are aware of the importance of our network’s engagement. For this reason, the management of the supply chain and the sharing of our principles becomes ever more relevant in driving efficiency in our work.

Chiesi Code of Interdependence_2

As a Benefit Corporation we believe in interdependence. We co-designed and co-drafted our Code of Interdependence in collaboration with our strategic suppliers, evolving the concept of supply chain to the one of Ecosystem, where we recognize that each of us is indispensable to the other in a process of mutual learning and co-evolution. 

We were inspired by the most advanced movements and frameworks in the Pharmaceutical Industry and beyond, ie PSCI, B Corp, ILO and the United Nations’ SDGs

We recognize the urgency to act. This document is a practical tool that Chiesi itself and all actors in our Ecosystem can use in order to evolve towards being a more sustainable and inclusive company for the Pharmaceutical Industry and for a better world. 

Finally, we structured the document to valorize the various level of integration of sustainability that companies can have. We provide a set of topics that shall be integrated by all of us. It can be now or through a clear commitment and a transparent plan. But we also provided a set of improvement actions that the most advanced of us can follow to push integration of sustainability practices even further. 

We believe together we can act to create the best “purpose driven” Ecosystem in the pharma industry.

Download Code of Interdependence here