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Research & Development

Chiesi USA

Chiesi USA is continually developing new therapies for life-threatening diseases and expanding indications for our existing products. We are currently active in the design and implementation of clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the therapies in our pipeline. Our current focus is late-stage development of products in areas of the rare disease, hospital and adjacent specialty markets.

To contact us with general inquiries, please call (888) 466-6505.


Chiesi Group

As a global organization, Chiesi Group is working on a robust set of pipeline projects focused in the areas of respiratory, neonatology and special care. The Group considers R&D to be a fundamental asset, investing a growing proportion of annual revenues in important development activities.


Chiesi ranks 5th in R&D investment among all Italian companies, and 1st among Italian pharmaceutical firms. In addition, the company ranks among the top European pharmaceutical companies in patent filing.

Interested in learning more about Chiesi Group’s global pipeline efforts? Please click here.

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